Angel Hair Clips

Hair Clips

Angelhair Clips are available in three sizes,1 1/4 snap clip for that very tiny peach fuzz,1 3/4 alligator clips for longer and thicker hair and on 1 3/8 alligator clips for the in between stage,where the hair is getting longer,but not ready for the big clips.
My clips are made with high quality lead free clips ,that are lined with beautiful plush ribbon and decorated with adorable little appliques.All ends are treated to prevent fraying.

Angelhair Clips are made to be worn on the right,but can be made to be worn on the left upon request.You can also request two of the same clip,that I will make to be worn as a pair.

Please do not leave your child unattended with Angelhair Clips,as they contain small parts that may present a chocking hazard.

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