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About Me :
First of all,welcome to my site and Thank you for taking the time to look.

My name is Sandra and I am a mom of two .
I started making these no slip hair clips ,just a few days after my little girl was born.

She had very little and fine hair and even so I dressed her in pink,people still told me what a beautiful little boy she was.
So I needed to make her even more girly and purchased a small hair clip for $10 from a Boutique Baby Store.
It worked,she was no longer a boy,but I wasn't happy with the clip slipping out of her hair all the time.
So not wanting to spend so much on something so little that wasn't working 100%,I decided to make them myself.
I came up with some great clips,that worked and after getting compliment after compliment on my little girls cute clips ,and people wanting to buy them of her tiny bold head,I decided to make them to sell, and Angelhair Clips is now in business.

About my Clips:
Angelhair Clips are available in three sizes,1 1/4 snap clip for that very tiny peach fuzz,1 3/4 alligator clips for longer and thicker hair and on 1 3/8 alligator clips for the in between stage,where the hair is getting longer,but not ready for the big clips.

My clips are high quality and lead free,they are lined with beautiful plush ribbon and decorated with adorable little appliques.All ends are treated to prevent fraying.

Angelhair Clips are made to be worn on the right,but can be made to be worn on the left upon request.You can also request two of the same clip,that I will make to be worn as a pair.
There are so many different ways to wear these clips,but they won't slip or fall out(unless your baby pulls them out).

About me Update (July 2011):
I just read through my "about me page" and noticed that so much has changed in the last couple of years .
First of all I am now a proud mom of three (two girls & a boy) and since the birth of my second daughter my hair clip business has expanded.I was super happy when baby Payton was born June 21 2010 ,with a ton of hair so I really ventured out into the headband world and have now added a huge selection of headbands .I have also started to offer some of my crochet hats since then,crocheting is something I have been doing since I was a little girl (I was taught by my grandma),but never thought anyone would be interested until I started to make hats for my own kids and again was asked by people wondering where I had purchased them.So here we are 3 1/2 years later and I am still adding to my business ,who knows what the next year will bring .(For sure no more babies .lol)

Again,Thank you for taking the time to look and  if you have any questions at all,just e-mail me !( ) 

Have a wonderful day!
(or night ,since I am sure most of you are browsing at night with baby not sleeping :)

Angelhair Clips

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